Welcome to the E.T. ExperimentTake part in the web3 AI revolution
Unique Concept & NFT Mechanics
dNFTA dynamic AI NFT collection of 1000 E.T.s generated on Ethereum.
Free MintMinting is free. Users can mint up to 3 E.T. NFTs per address.
Evolve your E.T.Reach the final step of the AI evolution. Gather the rare pieces.
Civilization HierarchyOnly 50 NFTs can reach the final evolution stage. Are you going to make it to the end?
Secure & DecentralizedState-of-the-art NFT smart contract developed by web3 experts.
Take part in the AI RevolutionContribute towards advances in AI and meet other AI enthousiasts.
Join the AI RevolutionConnect your wallet & Mint your E.T.
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